The Task Force

Quarter 3: War is Hell

With our forces assembled, The Task Force began it’s efforts to plan an assault on the Sith HQ. With our limited forces, we were forced to take advantages of our superior air power, along with Aurelia’s personal funds, which she selflessly used to help the republic.

We used many of our mercenaries to create a distraction, as well as mount the main assault, while the actual members of the task force mounted an aerial assault on the base itself. Early on, the main problem reared it’s ugly head. The strange Rancor was being escorted into a transport, no doubt to cause havoc on other worlds.

With the rest of the ship strafing, I dismounted using a jet pack intercept the sith minions escorting the rancor. This creature could under no circumstance be allowed to leave the planet, and if it escaped its bonds, it would be a major impediment to our assault. At that point however, our allies paid off, and many of the guards and transporters were drawn off to do battle.

Only one hostile remained, a masked man, and he began freeing the rancor. With no one else in position to stop him, I moved to intercept. He was a very strong opponent, he would have defeated me eventually if I was not supported by the task force.

Landing the ship, the rest of the crew moved to support me against my foe, while the Rancor struggled wildly against its remaining bonds. It was at that point that Aurelia’s personal transport opened fire with it’s torpedoes, engulfing the rancor in a torrent of plasma.

Even then it struggled, but heavy support from Brendah paid off, and it finally fell dead. With support from Momaw and Jerec we cornered the masked enemy. It was at this point he revealed himself… As master Ki-Ine, ex-jedi master.

We attempted to arrest him, but he refused. It was at this point that BB sniped him with a rocket launcher, while Momaw and I were right next to him. The resulting explosion sent me flying to the ground, and Jerec threw Momaw out of the way at the cost of shredding and third degree burns.

Ki’Ine is dead, and our work on this terrible outpost is, for the time, done. It’s time we lick our wounds and continue in the pursuit of justice.

Quarter 2

A new force has been formed from the ruins of the Task Force, and I am confident to say that it is stronger than ever.

With authority over the system officially passed over to the Task Force, we became responsible for the safety of the Republic and the system, and the mission of locating and eliminating the threat of Sith on the planet.

Shortly following, we recieved an anonymous call from a mysterious benefactor, claiming that if we could break her out of Motta’s Asylum, she would share overheard coordinates as to the location of a Sith base. With few other leads, we began investigating.

At this point, a new person joined the force, an old friend of mine in fact. Aurelia, the akanian pop-star, and a fine asset to any investigative force. She immediately set about gathering information. She found that Motta’s Asylum was in fact a prison of the crime lord, and also his personal residence and warehouse.

The rest of the group came to stand by, and I proceeded to infiltrate Motta’s prison. Motta was understanding of my type of business, as always however, I’m disgusted that this sort of thing can happen. I request that in the future stronger republic forces maintain order here, and give the people in this prison proper trials.

At any rate, the informant was located, and ironically it was the ex-member of the task force, Brenda Bodil. She claimed to have the location of the base, but we needed to free her first. Inquiring with Motta, he told me he would free the girl for the cost of two slaves, estimated by our crew at 10,000 credits.

As the on site republic offices lacked funds to procure this, so instead, the crew came up with a plan. Auerlia would star in Motta’s party the next night, I would be her support, while Momaw and Jerec infiltrated the prison.

The most incredible incident is how smoothly this went. Momaw and Jerec tripped an alarm, but were able to escape with BB and another innocent man with little trouble. In the process, it was also noted that Motta had stashed a great man weapons of Czerka construction illegally in his warehouse. I took the opportunity to use the explosive elements of the weapons to remove the contraband.

Now, with BB temporarily forgiven with the attack on the sith on the immediate horizon. We’ve rallied all forces available, including local mercenaries and all the republic offices can spare. Once more I CRITICALLY request funds and reinforcements to deal with this threat before it breaks out in complete chaos.

Noctem Archailius

Quarter report 1

Apologies of the tardiness of the report, it was delayed by a series of aptitude tests that could not be delayed.

With the conclusion of my previous assignment, I was redirected on a priority 3 infringement warning, due to the questionable current standing of one “Alfred Khi’ine” and his alleged ‘task force’.

My arrival at Anchorhead was timely, corresponding with the arrival of several senators on planet. Using the force and republic contacts, I discovered that it was also likely that sith were in the area. Naturally concerned, I moved in to the meeting auditorium to assure the senator’s safety, as well as investigate and if necessary arrest him.

My arrival was timely to neither apprehend Alfred or a confirmed Sith. Both of whom are now on the dangerous fugitives list. The as of yet unnamed sith had arranged an overly elaborate death for the senator. At this point I would like to reiterate the lack of critical transports in ITI operations, that we currently lack. A half hour earlier, I likely could have easily have saved the senator… The explosives attatched to the senator, were too complicated for the task force’s demolition specialist to disable, and the senator was killed while trying to escape his bonds.

As such, at this point I was introduced to the active members of the task force, although two more were incapacitated, and two others were slain in action.

Iasa and Jah’nii were both slain in action. Iasa perished in an explosion caused while he attempted to save the senator. His bravery will not be forgotten, and I regret that I never got a chance to speak with him in non-military matters. The Arcadian was slain, likely by his so-called superior, who was seen escaping with the unnamed sith.

The remaining two members of the task force were Momaw, an Ithorian skilled in the manipulation of the force, who I respect for his wisdom, but I do not agree with all his methods. The other is… Was B4. He was a senatorial droid, with homicidal conditions undetected in his wiped memories.

Unaware of this at the time, and impressed by his and the task force’s efforts to save the senator, I foolishly trusted B-4 to guard one senator while I guarded the other. Several heavy assault droids attacked, and due to B-4’s sudden betrayal and a lack of support from the senatorial guard, I was unable to save either senator from the rabid droid’s pointless destruction. I regret to say, that this mission has been an abject failure.

I advise the appointment of a new superior for the task force. For the time being, I will remain attached, working under the assumption that the task force will remain in operation to deal with sith and illegal activities.

It can only get better.

Anchorhead, Tatooine – Arkanis Sector

A routine diplomatic envoy to the backwater planet of Tatooine turned deadly yesterday when Senator Haydel Goravvus was killed, along with accompanying senators, by assassin s under unknown employ.

Witnesses and official statements from the Galactic Senate state that the Tarisian senator had been in a meeting with Jedi Master Alfred Kha’in when the disaster struck. The fate of the Senate Guards protecting the Senator is unknown.

Statements indicate that the late Goravvus was used as a hostage, and when a group of Republic investigators arrived on the scene, they were unable to save the Senator, who had already been injured and was placed in ‘some weird puzzle shit’.

Lieutenant Archailius of the an unnamed Republic service quoted that Master Kha’in seemed to have instigated the killing, and had fled along with an unnamed co-conspirator. Arrests warrants have been issued for the Human Jedi, as well as for the unnamed suspect. See your HoloFeed Bounty page for details on the other suspect.

Other casualties of the incident include Goravvus’s entourage, an Arkanian child under the employ of Master Kha’in, and a Jedi Knight named Iasa. The Jedi Order has had no official comment.

In a related story, The Senatorial Guard: Punctual Warriors or Pulchritudinous Waste? A HoloNet News Investigative Report.


The unfinished droid of Iasa’s design contains a small datapad. This datapad is covered in arcane, eldritch calculations. There is a listing of items in Iasa’s possesion, but it is impossible to decipher due ot the poor diction.


I love Iasa. He will be missed. Hypothetically, if I spend a destiny point, does Iasa surive? I mean, after all, he can’t complete his destiny if he’s one with the force.

The great escape (Twice!)

So, picking up where we left off, we are all captured expect Sio and knocked unconscious. When we awaken, we’re in a death pit above a pit, with a security drone hovering menacingly around us. They removed all our stuff except B4’s, a critical oversight on their part.

So after fragging the droid, our force users toppled the net in a way that wouldn’t drop us into the pit of death. That was when things started to get messy. I needed a disguise, so while no one was looking I switched clothes with Iasa. No one would ever notice the switch.

Anyway, we were intercepted by 6 jawa ninja, who came via hookshot. We took a lot of hits, but I claimed two kills via bottomless pit, and more importantly claimed a heavy blaster pistol for myself.

At this point, we were pretty beat up, and the evil and pointless traps did a number on us too. Opening the blast door, we came upon lockers full of our stuff, and two incredibly tough droids. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my rocket firing friend, but I value my life more. I got while the getting was good.

For some reason, Jerec was pissed off by this. I even held up a store to get a comm link to call him on. I’ve never lied, I come first.

anyway, being seperate from the rest of the group, this seemed to be the ideal time to make a getaway. I tried to steal the ship, but unfortunately, it was locked and I didn’t have time to hotwire it before B4 came along.

I hid, and watched as the rest of the group came on board. Then Momaw used his force powers to find me and tell me to come back. I naturally refused, as the group was in no position to pursue me. Iasa tried to negotiate, his lightsaber (which I had expertly weaseled away from him) for my freedom was my offer, but he tried to capture me.

I stunned him naturally. I like Iasa, and he’s just doing his job. Then I fled when B4 brought the ship around to force me. Finally, Iasa came around, and made a new deal. he’d come, unarmed, to play a game of Sabback with me. if he won, he got is blade and he took me back. If I won, I left.

Once more, i like Iasa, so I agreed. He came unarmed, and we played inside while the Cerebrus hovered menacingly outside. I won naturally. Luck’s my natural ally. To my surprise, Iasa played and honored his bet, just like I intended to.

I gave him his lightsaber back to be a good sport, and he gave me my hat back.

Don’t bother tracing this report, It’s not my computer.

Tell Sio he’s welcome to join my crew when the time comes.

With loads of irony and kisses,

Bodil Brendah

Noctem Archailius: Republic Commando second class, department of counter-intelligence, termination, and investigation, ITI

Recent reports indicate the Alfred Kha’in’s loyalty and competence have come into question. His task force of misfits is currently in achorhead, causing major concern given it’s position relative to several visiting senators.

I have been dispatched to measure his loyalty, and that of his task force, and If necessary, bring in or bring down both. Having landed on the planet inconspicuously using public transportation, I will proceed directly to the conference the senators are allegedly at.

Wait, what?

Does the Hutt remember Brenda? We will remember him when he is sand, too.

Desert Disaster!

Well, after solving the Wookie problem, we took a bit of time off on the tree-world. Johnny however, our resident boy genius, had other plans.

He detected some ‘abnormalities’ on tattooine, and suggested we investigate. We did, inadvertently taking Alf with us.

It’s from that point onward that things went downhill.

We learned that the Zirca base was a few days out into the desert, so we needed transportation. We got it, in the form of a bunch of used speeder bikes. We then took the rest of the day off and resolved to be off all the earlier the next morning.

Unfortunately, it was at this point Matta caught wind that I was in town. He doesn’t like me very much. Anyway, using the ship’s weapons I scared him off, but I was pretty sure that it was only a temporary solution.

We skimmed out, and had a wonderful little scrape with a sand-people skiff. It was quite enjoyable. We really should get a minivan. It’d make a lot more sense. At any rate, only during the battle did we learn that Sio didn’t really know what he was doing riding the thing, and tried to do a barrel roll. I think someone forgot to tell him that these things don’t have seatbelts.

anyway. at the Zirca base, we found it surrounded by automated heavy blasters. We couldn’t even get close. Our attempt to confuse the guards were also unsuccessful. We really aren’t a heavy assault force.

Continuing, a giant rainchor (sp?) broke out, that seemed kinda angry and woefully immune to blasters of all shapes and sizes. He’ll die in the desert though…. Supposedly.

We retreated, not really learning anything other than that there’s a big angry monster on the loose and that the guy said the senate allowed what they were doing. This smells of corruption.

Once home, Matta ambushed us. We’re captured… I wonder if Alf and Johnny are? If they’re smart, they shot off planet with the ship. That’d be fine though, because then I could escape the republic by my own wits.

Session 3: Kashyk’s tree is falling down, falling down, falling down. Let’s all scream and run around, someone wake the Ithorian!

To the tune of London Bridge is falling down

It’s finally happened, people are beginning to take the consequences of their actions. Not that that’s really a bad thing in my opinion, this entire employment business is the result of me taking the heat for my various underhanded dealings.

Long story short, Alf hasn’t quite been fired, but he has been suspended, and it’s got him really down. Given our current way of doing things however, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s fired or we are soon enough. So anyway, he says he wants to do some bar hopping on Wookie World.

I am of course, completely approving of this course of action, but B4 for some reason is completely opposed to the idea of going. He was going on about it being ‘a waste of his time’ and all, and generally being his Vulcan logical tin can hit man sort of self.

It was at this point I realized that having someone who couldn’t get smashed around would be very useful, so I decided to take the opportunity to convince him to come along. I do this by informing him that Alf was actually asking to do this because he had a ‘secret mission’ in mind, but couldn’t do it officially because he was suspended.

Now, though I thought it might be something he might do, I was really hoping just to get hammered. No such luck I suppose. Now, I never quite learned whether or not the events that happened over there Alf knew about or not, but I have a feeling that sloppy sap has bit more brainpower than he lets on to.

Anyway, We reach the planet, and hang out for a little on wookie world. Momaw met an old friend of his, and the rest of us hung out at the bar with Alf. That was when the trouble started, and the entire tree rocked hard.

I of course, was completely unphased, but everyone else seemed pretty alarmed. Jerec talked to some Wookies, and learned that this has been going on for a while, and they’re darn concerned. You’d think they’d do something else about their tree city falling down.

B4 used his sensors, and learned that the tree lacked water. With how big this sucker is, I wasn’t particularly surprised by that either. So we nabbed the wookie governor fellow and mosied along to the root of the problem.

At the base of the tree, we found a giant door, that appearently could only be opened through use of excessive brute force. Ironicly, Momaw was the one that provided it, but this foolishness somehow ended with B4 and Momaw outside, and the rest of us inside.

It was at this point I got a call from my bff, so I missed a little while talking on the phone. She broke up with her boyfriend… Again. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that she remained broken up after they tried to get back together. She’s also freaking out because she does way too many extra-cirriculars.

Anyway, by the time I paid attention again… Nothing important had happened. The party was figuring out how to get over a pit. Which was by the way, very simple with futuristic technology. On the other side, there was a stone Mac.

Lucky me, I was born and raised on crappy operating systems, so I worked it like a ten pound free weight. Getting admin status was easy as M-A-C. Looking behind me, I noticed that Sio had somehow or another gotten to the bottom of the pit I had flown over. Impulsive is that kid’s middle name. Especially given the bruises he incurred.

I then proceeded to open the door for B4 and Momaw, Raise the platform Sio had fallen to, and open the damn… As well as push a button I didn’t know what it was. I think the computer didn’t recognize the font.

That brought up a hologram of a weird dude of some species I’d never heard of. Iasa was acting very suspicious at this point by the way, I think he’s knows a lot of things I don’t. I’ll get answers out of him later.

Anyway, we then proceeded to Pull levers until the platform went the way we wanted it too. (I napped through that)

Reaching the climax of our escapade, we found three ninja and a Twilek Beating the crap out of the roots with glow sticks. Iasa said something completely unintelligible, fired his gun into the air, screamed ‘jihadi!’ and flew into combat with the evil bitch.

His rhythm was a bit messed up by the rest of us pouring fire into the lady over his head, but I still applaud his enthusiasm. Continuing, Momaw got really pissed and started screaming at people in that nasty Ithorian way. He actually spat a lung out and fell unconscious, while the rest of us slaughtered the ninja.

The Twlek (I didn’t catch her name) Escaped, and we found ourselves under a collapsing tree with water rushing toward us at an alarming rate. Slapping Momaw to his senses, he did the hippie healing thing to the tree (once more knocking him unconscious with the power of plot) and we all got out of dodge.

Oh, right, and the wookie mayor we brought along died too. It’s all good, right? I mean, we saved the tree, didn’t we?

Report End *

Requisitions: Magnetic glove for my rocket launcher, I seem to drop it a lot. 1000 credits, restricted.

Several Questions to Iasa from Brendah:

“How’d you know the girl”

“Have you hit that?”

“How do you become a sith?”

“Why don’t more Jedi use lightsaber nunchuks?

“Why’d you freak out so much with the hologram, and the computer, and why were you trying to be so secretive?”


Is master Kha’in doing the teachings correctly? This is a question. This is, specifically, a question that I do not currently have any sort of possession for, and is a question that I want to ask him.

Not is he a proper Jedi, and would he to join any respectable organization of the Sith he would be doing unfortunate.

His commitments: lackluster, but his hygiene is superior to mine. And that is troubling.

Master Kha’in and the other Jedi are always saying not to kill. When I go about attempting this course of action, it is never as satisfying as delivering the attack. Does that statement evoke wrongness? Immorality? Does it?

The Jedi code is one that is restrictive, but it is one that is right, and I have tried to follow it. And the Sith code is one that is free, and one that is also just as good, and I try to follow that one in addition to the first one.

There is no proper code. There is no spanner to use to tighten the hydrodynamic processor that is morality.

And, if there is no proper morality, is it not dictation of the one that is committing the acts that are being judged morally to decide if it is right or wrong?

And, by that logic , others’ opinions on whether my actions are right or wrong are irrelevant..

I say that, and I trouble myself.


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