The Task Force

Quarter 2

A new force has been formed from the ruins of the Task Force, and I am confident to say that it is stronger than ever.

With authority over the system officially passed over to the Task Force, we became responsible for the safety of the Republic and the system, and the mission of locating and eliminating the threat of Sith on the planet.

Shortly following, we recieved an anonymous call from a mysterious benefactor, claiming that if we could break her out of Motta’s Asylum, she would share overheard coordinates as to the location of a Sith base. With few other leads, we began investigating.

At this point, a new person joined the force, an old friend of mine in fact. Aurelia, the akanian pop-star, and a fine asset to any investigative force. She immediately set about gathering information. She found that Motta’s Asylum was in fact a prison of the crime lord, and also his personal residence and warehouse.

The rest of the group came to stand by, and I proceeded to infiltrate Motta’s prison. Motta was understanding of my type of business, as always however, I’m disgusted that this sort of thing can happen. I request that in the future stronger republic forces maintain order here, and give the people in this prison proper trials.

At any rate, the informant was located, and ironically it was the ex-member of the task force, Brenda Bodil. She claimed to have the location of the base, but we needed to free her first. Inquiring with Motta, he told me he would free the girl for the cost of two slaves, estimated by our crew at 10,000 credits.

As the on site republic offices lacked funds to procure this, so instead, the crew came up with a plan. Auerlia would star in Motta’s party the next night, I would be her support, while Momaw and Jerec infiltrated the prison.

The most incredible incident is how smoothly this went. Momaw and Jerec tripped an alarm, but were able to escape with BB and another innocent man with little trouble. In the process, it was also noted that Motta had stashed a great man weapons of Czerka construction illegally in his warehouse. I took the opportunity to use the explosive elements of the weapons to remove the contraband.

Now, with BB temporarily forgiven with the attack on the sith on the immediate horizon. We’ve rallied all forces available, including local mercenaries and all the republic offices can spare. Once more I CRITICALLY request funds and reinforcements to deal with this threat before it breaks out in complete chaos.

Noctem Archailius


AquaFox tommyg

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