The Task Force

Quarter 3: War is Hell

With our forces assembled, The Task Force began it’s efforts to plan an assault on the Sith HQ. With our limited forces, we were forced to take advantages of our superior air power, along with Aurelia’s personal funds, which she selflessly used to help the republic.

We used many of our mercenaries to create a distraction, as well as mount the main assault, while the actual members of the task force mounted an aerial assault on the base itself. Early on, the main problem reared it’s ugly head. The strange Rancor was being escorted into a transport, no doubt to cause havoc on other worlds.

With the rest of the ship strafing, I dismounted using a jet pack intercept the sith minions escorting the rancor. This creature could under no circumstance be allowed to leave the planet, and if it escaped its bonds, it would be a major impediment to our assault. At that point however, our allies paid off, and many of the guards and transporters were drawn off to do battle.

Only one hostile remained, a masked man, and he began freeing the rancor. With no one else in position to stop him, I moved to intercept. He was a very strong opponent, he would have defeated me eventually if I was not supported by the task force.

Landing the ship, the rest of the crew moved to support me against my foe, while the Rancor struggled wildly against its remaining bonds. It was at that point that Aurelia’s personal transport opened fire with it’s torpedoes, engulfing the rancor in a torrent of plasma.

Even then it struggled, but heavy support from Brendah paid off, and it finally fell dead. With support from Momaw and Jerec we cornered the masked enemy. It was at this point he revealed himself… As master Ki-Ine, ex-jedi master.

We attempted to arrest him, but he refused. It was at this point that BB sniped him with a rocket launcher, while Momaw and I were right next to him. The resulting explosion sent me flying to the ground, and Jerec threw Momaw out of the way at the cost of shredding and third degree burns.

Ki’Ine is dead, and our work on this terrible outpost is, for the time, done. It’s time we lick our wounds and continue in the pursuit of justice.


AquaFox tommyg

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