Aurelia Adassk

Geneticist Pop Star Gunslinger!


Aurelia Adassk, Dilettante

While the infamous “Aurelia” is an accomplished marksman and skilled pilot, she is far-better known across the galaxy for her less-than-legal exploits as a Simic geneticist; and even better known for her on-stage antics.

Despite mediocre grades in Arkanian schools, Aurelia’s parents, both noted scientists in their own right, had all but secured her entry into a scientific background. To her credit, she did seem to excel once in the field – though few would suspect that her constant stream of ‘discoveries’ could be attributed to three simultaneous affairs with different scientists. She later blackmailed the most respected of them into reccomending her for a position at the Simic Combine, one of the foremost genetics projects still under the purview of the Corporate Sector Authority.

Soon after her joining the firm, however, her inexhaustible lust to create and ‘see the galaxy’ caught up with her. Rash, uncontrolled experimentation on Aurelia’s part caused the deaths of at least a dozen Arkanian sub-races, and much more importantly, an Arkanian when the “Sky Swallower” project was released over Donnis Mar.

Undaunted by her failures in the scientific sector, Aurelia refused even a moment to sit back and think her life over. While fleeing from the disaster that was once an orbital research station, Aurelia looted the cargo hold of the Exorcist, a Saprazzan cargo vessel, finding a guitar. Mere minutes after seeing comrades and fellow scientists impaled and exsanguinated, she had already begun trilling ‘hot riffs’ and ‘mad licks’. A new stage in her career was born.

Though never the most popular artist, Aurelia’s solo act is popular enough to sell decently for holo-broadcasts, and fresh enough as to warrant the occasional interview and a steady release of albums.

The pop star, going only by her first name, had a penchant to take long, extended sabbaticals. It was during one of these vacations where Aurelia met both “Nox” as well as the jedi Iasa Kalit. Her business with the Republic completed, Aurelia left the political scene for greener, more profitable pastures.

Upon hearing of Iasa’s death, the Arkanian has comissioned a transport to meet up with his surviving compatriots.

Destiny: Vengeance for Iasa’s death – namely by killing his killer with killing devices of an ironic nature.

Aurelia Adassk

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