Iasa Kalit

Confused Jawa Jedi with a poor grasp of communication.


If you ask any Republic citizen what a Jedi is, their descriptions will usually start to blend together. Mysterious, trustworthy, contemplative, often human or other common force-using race such as the Cerean, Ryn, or Miraluka. Very few will even consider a Jawa being part of any respectable order, much less a Jedi.

However, Iasa Kalit continues to defy the traditions of his ancestors and their sterotypes. His cloak is a generic brown, and is covered in Force sigils, belts, and other small trophies that try to prove his worth.

When Iasa was four, Master Xamar of the Tarisian Jedi Council made a trip to Tatooine, seeking temporary refuge from the ongoing war with Exar Kun’s Sith forces. Though otherwise uneventful, Master Xamar found a small, force-sensitive Jawa among a family of Jawa scavengers. Loathe to give up their son (without a fair trade), Master Xamar bargained for the child.

However, upon return to Taris, Xamar realized that the war with Exar Kun made training an apprentice all but impossible, especially when his talents were needed elsewhere. As such, he swiftly shipped the young Iasa off to Coruscant, where he could be given more formal instruction.

Years passed. Skirmishes came and went. And, when the Mandalorians began their invasion of the Republic, Iasa was one of the first to join the Revanchist. A dark streak, one full of repressed emotion and need for recognition, finally began to emerge, and the Jawa was quick to assume command of Republic troops.

During the Madalorian Wars, Iasa worked alongside the Hutt jedi, Beldorion. The two got along famously, both being of races traditionally thought of as decidedly un-Jedi-like.

During the crux of the Mandalorian Wars, Iasa was still fighting holdouts on Vanquo. Beldorion was, to Iasa’s knowledge, killed on Dxun when the Jedi Exile activated the Mass Shadow Generator.

Iasa’s whereabouts for the next few years are unknown to even most of the remaining Jedi – but the shock of his friend’s loss had jarred him. Following Revan into the Unknown Regions, Iasa was quick to join the Sith Academy on Korriban as soon as it was established. Destiny-Related information begins here.

Iasa Kalit

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