Jerec Estrium


Born in a fairly well-off family,young Jerec was orphaned on a family trip to Corellia when his parents were mugged and killed by a group of kidnappers intent on capturing Jerec for ransom. Their group used a Force-user to suppress the family’s connection to the Force, rendering them temporarily blind. But Jerec’s father refused to be intimidated and attacked to protect his family,giving his son time to escape his parent’s fate. Not long after, Jerec was found by a Corellian of his own age named Sair Nane who took him to a small orphan’s home. The boys began a partnership as streetears, gathering information and rumors to sell. Jerec acted as a sort of protection, as Sair was a bit too quick talking for his own good. Jerec received some slight training in using the Force from his mother, but was further educated by an old crone in the home named Naya. His talents developed passively, mostly in ways that allowed him to detect falsehoods or gather information, useful talents for an information broker.

Some year’s later, Sair was killed in an incident by a local gang who thought he was trying to worm into their territory. The gang was unkempt but used the kind of weapons easily available for their sort: loud, big, and messy. Jerec arrived too late to help his friend and developed a deep distrust of black market weapons dealing and their ilk. Not long after, a Republic office passed through the city and saw Jerec at work and offered him a way off the planet. Since Jerec was considered too old and unfit for formal training, he was placed in training in the special forces by the officer, who thought his Force abilities would be useful for detecting hidden enemy Force users in a mission.

Jerec was one of the handpicked members of this new Task Force and now does his best to complete their missions, hoping to find a way to help others like himself.

Likes: cooperation, prefers to avoid large brawls, seafood Dislikes: lots of anger and discord, ignorance, black markets in general, not just gun runners

Pros: strong sense of loyalty and moral compass Cons: sometimes too cautious, distrustful at times

Destiny: Bust a large gun smuggling ring run by the Czerka Co.

Jerec Estrium

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