Noctem Archailius

SwordShield of the Republic, she believes in law and tradition in her heart.


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I… Take hits, lots of them… From energy weapons…

Hard shots fuck me up. Q, if you get annoyed with me, just shoot regular bullets at me… Lots of them.


Quote: “Surrender to the lawful authorities or face the consequences.”

Destiny: To expose Czerka’s crimes

Noctem was born in the Gryyyl asteroid belt, on a research station of no notable importance. Relatively nearby Kashyyk, she considers the place to be her home, as the research station is no longer inhabited or pressurized.

The Gryyyl asteroid belt is not popular or important in a galactic scheme, containing very few of the minerals that mining consortiums are interested in. Despite this however, reports that the asteroids had been mined an incredible amount of time ago sparked interest in them, and of all corporations Czerka Ironically won the grant for the research station developed there. This is perhaps, more surprising than it should be since Czerka already owned major assets on Kashyyk.

The exact results of the research were lost, when a pirate raid hit the poorly defended post. They were very stealthy. The Kashyyk defenses never noticed the pirate vessel in the asteroid field, and the first thing that was destroyed was the station’s communications.

The inhabitants of the station, with no where else to turn, donned space-suits and fled inside the tunnels of the asteroid. Those who were not hunted down and slain strayed too far, and could not make it back in time before their oxygen ran out.

There was only one exception to the slaughter, a girl around the age of 3, found later by the rescue parties, hidden in a space suit on the station, clutching a sheathed blade tightly. The child would not let go, and became angry to the point of illness when it was taken from her. It was decided to let her keep it. It was supposed to be a temporary agreement, but it turned out to be quite different.

With no living relatives, Noctem found herself shuddered away by republic child-care agencies which covered Czerka’s employees. Showing a fascination with swordplay and the force in her orphanage, the Jedi caught wind of her when she was 5, and endeavored to recruit her.

Noctem was taken to the jedi academy, but the teachers would not allow her to keep her sword, which had never been out of her sight since that day, as she literally slept with it while at the orphanage. Noctem agreed to attend, but only on the condition her sword be kept in a safe deposit box she could visit in her limited free time.

Noctem didn’t she much skill in the offensive or mental uses of the force, though her ability to absorb damage was clearly beyond normal. Noctem found the Jedi code to be in line with many of her values, but she did not approve of it’s passive nature in stopping practitioners of the dark side.

Upon the eve of the night she was destined to become a padawan, the republic made a counter offer. Instead of situating her under a knight, as jedi tradition dictates, she could join a training program for republic special forces. To sweeten the deal, they agreed to allow her to fight and train with her sword, rather than a lightsaber.

This created a bit of stress between the Jedi order and the republic, with Noctem caught in the middle, but the day after she signed the paper, she was shunted away from the jedi temple to train in a great multitude of environments.

By republic law, a human under 15 could not participate in a mission, but there was a loophole in that nothing said a child could not be trained from such an age. Noctem received training with many different weapons during this time, but the training focused on her mysterious sword. It possessed a weave, and thus was capable of deflecting blaster bolts and lightsabers, but was not a sith blade. It was concluded that such was the payoff of the asteroid research team’s work, but it was later concluded to leave the sword in her hands.

Asking for permission around her 14th birthday, Noctem was granted the right to investigate the ruins of her childhood home, along with a search party. The area had been swept by the rescue forces, but other than that, everything seemed just as it was 12 years ago.

Though no members of the search party found anything of value, Noctem did, with the aid of the force; Specifically, two holocubes, one from her father, who had died in the vacuum of the asteroid’s tunnels, and one from a mysterious benefactor. The later contained a brief summary of operations, the video content was too difficult to understand, but it spoke of a special force sensitive metal that had been found in the tunnels, and used to great effect in weapons. Noctem could not speak the language, but somehow knew that it was her weapons that was spoke of.

The former holocube confirmed the course of action Noctem had been committed to since her fifth year of life. It said that the colony was attacked because they had become of the illegal wookie smuggling from Kashyyk, and demanded Czerka cease immediately or they would release the evidence.

With nothing but the word of her long dead father, Noctem had no proof, and no vehicle. So instead, she waited for her time to come.

A year passed, and Noctem finally went into action. In the ‘Termination’ section of ITI, Noctem served as the shield of whatever squad she was joined with, blocking and absorbing shots others could not.

She did well, but paid a price. In her third operation, a sting on a pirate port, the plan was leaked, and the pirate were waiting for the team. Despite Noctem’s best efforts, the entire squad except Noctem and her friend Alicia were slain. Mortally wounded, Noctem didn’t believe she or her fellow whom she was carrying would survive.

Alicia was the company medic, not her. Noctem fell unconscious before the retrieval ship came.

Noctem awoke 2 weeks later, with a layer of thin prosthetic flesh laid over her chest. Her heart had been beyond even the power of bacta. Despite the generous package, Noctem had no intention of retiring. As soon as a heart could be fitted, she was back to training for her next mission, learning her new heart.

Alicia also survived, albeit her condition was much worse. She only kept one arm from the ordeal, and had to have permenant support for her spine fitted. Despite this however, she too volunteered to be returned to the line of duty. The two met several more times in the service, both insisting that one owed the other their life. Both are fiercely loyal to one another, and have a deep understanding of one anothers’ priorities.

Charismatic, commanding, and undeniably courageous, Noctem gained some fame and infamy in the ranks of the ITI, gaining the nickname ‘shieldsword’. In the years since, she has accumulated credit in the ranks of republic soldiers of all types, and traveled much of the galaxy, never forgetting that eventually, she had a score to settle with Czerka.


After her maiming, Noctem gained a new mission, one of the most infamous in her career. The protection of an arcadian pop star…

Nox had never been a fan of escort missions. She much preferred being on the offense to the defense. The pop star however, was a lot more than he first appeared. Skilled in ways that Nox was ignorant, the rocker somehow managed to drag Nox through the Fire and the Flames.

As the matter turned out, the rock star was actually pursued by a shady debtor group, a fact that was left out of the briefing. What was true however, was that the rocker had become an informant since, and the cybernetic warrior was charged with keeping him alive until he could tell the tale in court.

There was something that bothered the Lt. about the Arcadian, he seemed strangely familiar. This however, was when they were once more set upon by assailants. Nox, determined to stand, was steadily worn down, the cunning Arcadian however, rather than staying and fighting, blew open a sewer grate with a weapon hidden in is guitar, and then pulled Nox through, just as the goons brought forward heavy weapons.

Crawling in the Dark, the Arcadian confessed that she found Nox familiar, and asked about the soldier’s past. Nox was almost positive they had never met, since she had only spent her first few years of life out of some kind of academy, first on a research station, and then in the orphanage.

As it so turned out… The two did know one another, searching the depths of her memory, Nox did remember someone from the orphanage, but the Arkanian with superior memory reassured her. The two had first met more than ten years ago, and yet went off in two completely separate directions, only to meet again in such straights. The time that passed seemed like a strange illusion, like Smoke on the Water.

Freshly aware of one another, the two found a strange sort of fellowship, playing off each other’s opposites to keep their enemies off balance. The day of the trial was at hand, and the debtor companies were facing the Final Count Down. With no other choice, they attacked in the open with everything they had.

The crowd that had assembled never stood a chance. The security forces and Nox did everything that they could, but many spectators died, and the witness was lost in the confusion. Nox lost a leg in the struggle, but in her heart she knew that she had failed. The elusive rock star was no where to be seen. No doubt she was buried under the piles of bodies.

There was no evidence linking the gunmen to the debtors. They did however, weild Czerka special weapons. Still however, the mega corporation covered it’s tracks well. There was nothing Nox could do to get at them… again.

The debting company lawyer smiled confidently as the witness failed to appear. The judge, doubtless paid off, resolved that nothing could be done without a witness, and the case would need to be dropped. Once more, Nox was helpless to stop the corruption she saw all around her with all of her martial skills.

Then however, just as the judge began to dismiss the court, a cord strummed out from the spectator gallery. “OBJECTION!” the rocker shouted, pointing her guitar dramatically, somehow she had slipped away in all the confusion and infiltrated the courtroom. It was only with a guitarist’s help that Nox could deal with her legal enemies.

After the ruckus died down, Nox expressed her thanks to the rocker, and she did the same, both insisting that one owed the other their life. Nox believed she was in debt, and so did the rocker.

In that was an awkward parting. But Nox had a feeling that they would cross paths again before her days were done.

Noctem Archailius

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