Sio Bladedancer

A Former-Jedi Apprentice with many skills


HP 60
Fort 17 – Ref 18 – Will 19

Preferred Attacks:
Running Attack: Move before and after attacking
Whirlwind Attack: Attack all adjacent enemies
Double-Wielded Lightsaber_: 2d8/2d8 @ -1 each *_Ignores conventional DR*
A force move for every occasion


As you approach the ramp to the ship, you notice a medium sized human off in a quieter corner of the hanger, silently kneeling on a small mat. His eyes closed in deep concentration, you see him silently and deftly manipulating a small set of blocks in front of him, but using no physical means to do so. His coppery hair cut in typical military fashion, it seems odd that he has a small braid behind his right ear, adorned with beads near the bottom. Only then do you notice the hilt of a lightsaber clipped to the side of his utility belt. You remember that there was talk of a Jedi Padawan assigned to your team, and since he has both a lightsaber and only a robe and a travel cloak for armor, this must be him. Apparently finished with his exercise, the Padawan collects his training pieces, rolls up his mat, and making his way across the noisy hanger, warmly greets you, introducing himself as Sio, pilot of this bird.

A young Jedi, Sio’s life was hardly an easy one. Born on a planet that he doesn’t even remember, Sio was abducted at a very young age and sold to the Hutts as slave labor. Ever since he was old enough to talk, he was given the task of unloading and loading of the ships that came into the local starport. Since he was so small, he wasn’t able to do much physical labor, but nevertheless, he was expected to do his part in the unloading, or he would go hungry. He was unloading a ship one day when one of the captains noticed that he was able to lift much heavier items than he should have been able to. Taking a metachlorian count, the captain found out that the child was a bit stronger with the force than the average human. Fortunately for the poor child, the captain of that ship just happened to be a passing Jedi. Sio was then purchased using the funds that Sio’s unloaded cargo had sold for, the captain then brought the boy back to the Jedi academy on Dantooine, where he began a new life with a new family. It was there that he began the long journey into learning the ways of the force and the traditions of the Jedi.

Quote: How can you kill what you cannot hit? said to an opponent wielding a heavy blaster rifle after deflecting his 8th shot in a row

Weapon: Lightsaber, preferably 2
Food: Dantooine Flapjack, the perfect meal for an early morning!
Drink: Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, or Jawa Beer – Those little guys can make a mean brew!
Species (next to humans): Jawas – Those little guys used their mechanical know-how to get me out of more scrapes…
UPDATE: There is one very notable exception to the above thought…
Clothing: Just your typical loose robe with a travel cloak suits me just fine.

Least Favorites:
Weapon: Poison – If you’re going to fight, fight fair!
Food: Mugruebe Stew – Raw mugruebe flesh seasoned with leaves, limbs, and tree bark. Who can eat that stuff!?
Drink: Bloodsour – Wasn’t half bad, until I found out that REAL blood was used in the making of it…
Species: Hutts – Just who do you think was to blame for my slavery all those years, HUH!? grumble
Clothing: I don’t do dressy all that well, a nice gi is as nice as I like to go. And armor… that stuff itches…

Thoughts on…
Content Not Found: Bodil: BB? Well, I’m not entirely sure that a pirate will help out as much as she seems to think she will, but with how much munitions she’s toting around, whomever she can’t convince, she’ll obliterate. I’ll try to keep an eye on her and keep her out of trouble, but I think I’ll have my hands full.. Watches her stretch on the bench On second thought… maybe watching her won’t be as bad as I had originally thought…
UPDATE: Bodil can certainly handle herself, and I wouldn’t be displeased at all to be paired up with her in the future.
UPDATE: Add another person to the list of “People NOT to stand in front of.”

Iasa Kalit: Not overly sure what I think about his reason for wanting to use the force, but I certainly think I’ll be a good influence on him. And having a Jawa around is certainly a good thing. I mean, nothing can possibly go wrong with a mechanic around, can it?
UPDATE: The little unintelligible scribble is trying to kill me! He even uses the dark side of the force! I wouldn’t be surprised if he was working for the Sith after all. I’ll pair with him only if there are no other options at all, and as long as he goes first, with me close behind.

Jerec Estrium: A Mira, huh? I have to say, the whole human-but-no-eyes still kinda creeps me out. But, I guess I might as well give him the benefit of the doubt. They’re said to have a strong connection with the force, yet he wields a blaster rifle? Well, I can’t help that the universe isn’t ready to use civilized weapons yet, and if he’s more comfortable with that than a saber, then so be it.
UPDATE: Huh? The blind man can fly! Well! I guess it just shows that first impressions aren’t always accurate. Certainly a good fighter, and somebody I feel I can trust to watch my back. I’ll just have to keep the bad guys from getting too close to him. Easily done.

Momaw: An Ithorian that willingly chooses to use a low-tech sword rather than a blade of light? Well, I certainly hope he doesn’t choose to cross blades with me or another Jedi, as he’ll find out just how strong his meat-roaster really is when compared to a lightsaber. Well, he does have a connection with the force, so that gives him some hope, in any case.
UPDATE: Really quiet, prefers not to fight. Very good with using the force to remove his opponent’s weapons.

B-4: A droid? Well, it’s always good to have some way to talk to the ship. I’m not overly good with computers and that sort of thing, my Jedi training didn’t really leave me a lot of free time. Although that giant turret of his does make me rather nervous…
UPDATE: Wow… now I know why he has that turret of his. That droid is certainly one heck of a crack shot! I can’t even fathom what it would be like for him to have an optical zoom on that blaster of his. Between the lethal and the stun settings, it has certainly earned its keep aboard the ship in my opinion.

Overall: Well, we certainly have a motley group, don’t we? We have myself to pilot the ship, the droid to talk to it, the Jawa to fix it, and the self-proclaimed pirate of the stars to man the turrets. I have to admit, I feel very uncomfortable with her carrying around as much firepower as she does, and being able to man the turrets whenever she feels like it. Maybe I’ll have to install a kill-switch on the guns just to make sure… And the others? Well, an extra blade and a gun can always come in handy, although I’m not overly sure how this will all work out. I’m sure by the first few hours, I’ll be able to figure them out… mostly.
UPDATE: Watch BB’s back. Stay the unintelligible scribble away from that lightning rod of a Jawa.

Destiny: To liberate slaves and demolish slavery. – Having been raised as a slave, Sio made it his lifelong goal to rid the universe of slavery. No sentient being should ever be made to be the possession of another against their will.

Jan 29
Money is an odd thing, isn’t it? To make it is evil, even if it’s put for a good cause. Well, all things being equal, I should be able to make money, then give it to those who need it, and it’ll be alright. Saved a dozen slaves today. It took more than I expected out of me to open that darn cage, but at least they’re free to pursue lives that please them. I told each of the slaves to stay close to me after they left the complex. I know how frightening it can be to be stranded all on your own after slavery. I don’t intend to revisit the same fate on them as was bestowed on me. After I quit the Jedi Academy, I went and used the money I earned to buy a house. Meeting all of them in my newly acquired abode, I told them of my plans. I had liberated some funds the same way I had liberated them. “They were stolen from bad people, and thus, bad people suffered”, I had told them. Some of them were a bit skeptical, but when I told them that the same company owned the funds that would have owned them, they were relieved immediately and happy that the money was stolen. I told them the reason why I brought them all here was to give them an option. I planned on starting an organization to help freed slaved. The house in which they sat was the beginning. If they so chose, they would be free to live here, work here, and be free people. If they did not choose, they would be free to go on their way, and I would give them some credits to help them get started. I told them that if they did choose to stay here, I would help find them jobs that they would like, and I’d be back from time to time to check on them and see if they were doing alright. I would not abandon them, no matter what might happen. Other former-slaves might also drop by from time to time. That said, I gave each of them 200 credits each immediately. This is part of what I received from the liberated goods. The rest went into the house and as payment for medical costs and equipment costs to help liberate more slaves. I explained to them that should they ever run low on funds, I would only be a com-call away. With that, I gave each of them a comlink with my number pre-programmed in it. Should there EVER be any trouble, I told them seriously, just buzz me and I shall return as soon as possible. Hopefully there won’t be any such issues, I said, smiling, but one can never be too careful. I wished them good luck in their lives, and left to procure some items that would help me free more slaves, and hopefully not get killed in the process.

Sio Bladedancer

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